WA Series Filter Bags

Allied Filter Systems has developed the water absorbent (WA) series for processes requiring water removal from hydrocarbons.

Available in both size 1 and 2 with a choice of either plastic or metallic rings, the WA series filter bag can reduce water content from several thousand ppm to acceptable levels in line with the needs of your process. As the filter media absorbs water by hydrogen bonding, the filter does not release water under pressure.

The standard construction of the filter bag has an inner polypropylene support layer, a super absorbent fibre water absorbent media central layer, followed by an outer melt blown polypropylene cover.

As an option, the WA series can be provided with an additional felt layer to provide enhanced particle removal efficiency and protection from premature blocking of the WA media.


Capacity based on size 2 filter bag:

Absorbency volume (DM water)

>20 Litres

Absorbency volume (0.9% saline)

>6.5 Litres