Flexible Tank Covers

Allied Filter Systems Ltd has developed a range of tank covers manufactured from a new antistatic film designed to virtually eliminate the emission of solvents into the atmosphere.

  • Virtually no solvent emission through the film
  • Significant cost savings from virtually eliminated solvent emission
  • Reduces health and safety risk due to solvent emission / operator exposure
  • Reduces Environmental impact of solvent emission.
  • Prevents foreign bodies entering the product

The film can be made into sheets or gusseted covers of any size to suit a customer’s specific requirements.

The film is constructed from 3 layers – Polyethylene / Polyamide / Polyethylene (PE/PA/PE). The surface resistance of the film is between 105 and 1011 Ohms.

Testing has been carried out to compare the performance of the new film with other types of film commonly used.

Containers of Xylene (2Kg) were covered in various film types for a period of 2 Years and 9 Months and the amount of solvent lost was measured as follows:

Standard Polyethylene film – amount lost 100%
Grid film without Barrier – amount lost 100%
Grid film with Aluminium barrier – amount lost 3.4%
EvOH film – amount lost 1.1%
PEPAPE film – amount lost 0.53%

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