High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges

High flow pleated cartridges combine the best of pleated and large diameter cartridges. The unique multi-layered construction provides absolute rated particle retention across a wide range of flow rates with efficiencies of 99.98% at the designated micron rating.

The large diameter yields much higher flow rates compared to traditional 2.5” diameter filters, permitting use of fewer elements and lowering capital expenditure.

Contrary to standard filter cartridges, high flow pleated filters most commonly have an inside to out liquid flow direction, enabling particles to be collected on the cartridge’s interior. The cartridges have an injection moulded top end cap with integral moulded handle to assist cartridge removal.

  • Polypropylene or borosilicate (glass fibre) filter media.
  • Polypropylene support and drainage layers.
  • Polypropylene core and end caps.
  • 1 to 30 micron.
  • Standard lengths : 20”, 40”, 60”
  • Outside diameter 152mm, inside diameter 74mm.
  • Food contact compliant version available.
  • Maximum recommended flow rate : 40m3/hr for 20” length. 80m3/hr for 40” and 60” lengths.
  • Maximum recommended temperature : 80o
  • Maximum differential pressure : 4.8 Bar at 25oC, 2.1 Bar at 80o
  • Recommended change-out pressure 2.4 Bar.
  • Choice of seals : EPDM, Buna-N, Viton, Silicone.

Allied Filter Systems Ltd also manufactures a range of single and multi-round filter housings to suit high flow cartridge filters. We offer a choice of 2 closure types : The bolted lid CHHF series or the v-clamp closure CHDHF series. The vessel interior features a high open area perforated plate support basket, and bayonet locking system to ensure a positive seal for the filter cartridge.

Manufactured from Stainless steel 304 or 316L, we offer both a horizontally mounted version for ease of cartridge change-out, or a vertically mounted version. The appropriate connection size and type can be specified in accordance with the needs of the application. The standard design is 10 Bar and 110oC rated, although higher pressure and temperature ratings are available on request. They can also be CE Marked and have ATEX certification.

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