PES Membrane Filter Cartridges

Polyethersulphone membrane filter cartridges are designed to provide reliable sterilizing filtration for a wide variety of applications including water filtration, removal of spoiling micro-organisms in beverages, and filtration of pharmaceutical products.

Stringent quality control standards assure effective, consistent filtration performance and controlled pore sizes. PES membranes are inherently hydrophilic, and can therefore operate at high flow rates with a low differential pressure. Polypropylene support layers are present to provide mechanical strength and additional contaminant holding capacity.

The PES Symmetric Series consists of a single layer symmetric PES membrane.

The PES XL series consists of a single layer asymmetric membrane, providing a superior dirt holding capacity and therefore longer service life.

A special construction double layer version is also available on request consisting of one layer of symmetric and one layer of asymmetric membrane.

PES membrane cartridges are available with or without integrity testing prior to final packing depending on the needs of the application, and meet the requirements of FDA regulation CFR 177-82 , USP Class VI , and EC food contact directives

  • Available micron ratings : PES Symmetric : 0.1, 0.22, 0.45. PES XL : 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2
  • Polypropylene support core.
  • Available from 10” – 40” (5” version available for PES XL).
  • Effective filtration area 0.58m2/10”.
  • Range of configurations including double open ended, Code 7, Code 8 and Code 3.

Available gaskets include Silicone, EPDM and Viton.

  • Can be provided with PBT or stainless steel inserts.
  • Maximum operating temperature 80o
  • Maximum differential pressure 4.0 Bar at 21oC, 2.4 Bar at 70o
  • Bubble point. >0.34 MPa (water) 0.22 micron, >0.22 MPa (water) 0.45 micron.
  • Diffusion Flow : <30ml/min/10”@0.25MPa (water) 0.22 micron, <28ml/min/10”@0.16MPa (water) 0.45 micron.
  • Steam sterilization : PES Symmetric ≥ 200 cycles (135oC/30 min @ Max dP 0.3 Bar.
  • PES XL : ≥ 100 cycles (121 oC /30 min @ Max dP 0.3 Bar)
  • Hot water sterilization 85oC /30 min @ Max dP 2 Bar
  • Cleaning solution : 2% NaOH Solution @ ≤ 65 o
  • Bacterial challenge test with B.diminuta bacteria

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