MBP 200 Series High Efficiency Filter Bags

The MBP 200 Series high efficiency bags are available rated at 1-25 micron, and perform to efficiencies >95%.

The filter bag consists of up to 4 layers of melt blown polypropylene media, including an outer cover to prevent fibre migration into the filtrate as well as providing added support to the filtration media. The high density of small diameter fibres compared to that of a standard needlefelt enhances particle retention, leading to superior, highly efficient filtration.

Combined with our polypropylene Welseal ring, the MBP 200 Series high efficiency filter bags are available with a fully welded construction, ensuring that no by-pass of process liquid can occur through needle holes.

Whilst the fully welded versions give optimum performance, sewn versions with a steel or stainless steel ring are also available for universal fitting into all makes of standard size housings, or for custom manufacture to non-standard sizes.

We also offer the unique MBPE Series, which features an all polyester construction. This enables high performance filtration at temperatures in excess of 100oC. (e.g. filtration of edible oils or resins). It is also used in applications where polypropylene is unsuitable for chemical compatibility reasons.

MBP and MBPE Series high efficiency filter bags meet EC food contact directives and are constructed from FDA listed materials conforming to code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 177.

MBP and MBPE bags are used in applications previously dominated by expensive cartridge filtration due to higher dirt holding capacities, longer service life and lower overall cost whilst maintaining or increasing the required filtration efficiency. Example applications include protection of membranes in reverse osmosis systems, carbon removal and final filtration of critical fluids. They can also be used as a pre-filter to prolong the life of expensive, sub-micron cartridges.