Custom Made Filter Bags

For unique applications requiring liquid filter bags which fall outside of the scope of our standard range, our manufacturing flexibility and expertise enables us to design and produce custom made products which perfectly meet our clients needs. Such bespoke products include, but are not limited to :

  • Filter bags with non-standard dimensions
  • Filter bags with Tie cord
  • Special ring types and sizes e.g. “X100” 5.5” polypropylene moulded collar
  • ‘Bucket’ style bags with circular base
  • Square/ rectangular bags
  • ‘Box-type’ bags
  • Cylindrical filter sleeves
  • Filter bags made from speciality fabrics, such as our PVC ‘carbon’ filter bag, antistatic felt or mesh

For demanding applications which require modifications to a standard filter bag product, customisation options include :

  • Reinforced seams
  • Special lifting handles
  • Reverse collar construction
  • Filter media with micron ratings other than standard.