Carbon Wrap Filter Cartridges

The Carbon Wrap (CW) series features powder activated carbon (PAC) impregnated into a cellulose fibre media, removing sediments and other fine particulates throughout its depth.  The CW series combines the advantages of both a high dirt-loading depth cartridge with the odour, discolouration and chlorine reduction capabilities of PAC.

The carbon impregnated sheet is wrapped around a polypropylene support core, supported by an outer layer of polyethylene netting.

  • 9 ¾” – 40” lengths. Standard I.D. 28 mm, O.D. 64mm.
  • Available in large diameter 116mm 9¾” and 20″ lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency.
  • Rating: 5 micron.
  • End caps : Double open ended with EPDM gaskets, Code 3,Code 7 or Code 8.
  • Maximum operating temperature 80o
  • 5 Bar maximum dP.

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